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Prickly Bear is a learn & earn app that helps spark a lifelong love of learning in kids. Kids learn subjects – from levelling up on coding, to getting down with the Romans – while pocketing virtual currency for some of their favourite games (like Robux and V-Bucks). Rewards provide a continuous incentive that sets kids up on a virtuous learning circle.

Prickly Bear was made by parents and kids who know what makes learning exciting. Screens are here to stay, so let’s use the power of technology to spark a lifelong love of learning. With Prickly Bear in your pocket, you’ll have the world’s coolest teacher right by your side!

Here’s how it works: Dive into one of our fun games and start playing and earning right away! The more you learn, the more you earn. Bearbux is our learning currency that you can redeem for in-game currency like Robux, V-Bucks, Minecoins, and more!