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Want to win real rewards, Robux and other gaming currencies without having to watch ads? Check out Word Bear Word. Word Bear Word is a fun, new version of the popular word-guessing game that’s taken the world by storm.

Word Bear Word is a learn-and-earn game that makes learning fun by using rewards as positive reinforcement. Here’s how it works:

  • Guess the 5-letter word
  • If the letter is grey, it’s not part of the word
  • If the letter is orange, it’s part of the word but not in the right position
  • If the letter is green, it’s part of the word AND in the right place

If you get all five correct and spell the right word, you earn Bear Coins. Use your Bear Coins to customise your Bear, or buy Bearbux for your Prickly Bear account. In your Prickly Bear account it’s super-easy to convert Bearbux directly into gaming currencies like Robux, V Bucks, Minecoins and more.

Each day, there’s a new word to guess so make sure to keep coming back to get to earn your Bearbux!